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  • Founded in 2009, AK Interactive is a Spanish company that creates modelling products of a very high-quality.

    They produce a wide variety of paints, weathering, and effects – acrylic, enamel, lacquer etc. It is possible to purchase their paints individually, or as part of a set. The sets are perfect for modelers who wish to easily achieve historical accuracy in their models. They easily facilitate recreating specific vehicles/uniforms etc, particularly from either the First or the Second World War.

    AK Interactive colours take into account the effect of scale reduction. For example, a model tank reflects less light than an actual full-size tank. Therefore, this means the colour applied to the model must be of a lighter shade to look the same as the full-sized version. If you applied the exact same shade of paint to both the full-sized version and the model, then the model would appear darker as it reflects less light.

    Their vast choice of weathering and effects paints allows the modeler to achieve ultra-realistic models.

    AK Interactive don’t only produce paint. They also produce books, brushes, auxiliary equipment such as thinner, varnish and much more!

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