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    All the way back in 1833, Henry Carlisle established a company in Philadelphia, America. The company produced vanity products made from horn, ivory and tortoise shells. They specialised in high-back Spanish combs for the ladies of the Southern States.

    In 1899, the firm merged with a competing company operated by German immigrant and master carver Henry G. Bachmann and his son, Walter J. Bachmann. The company received the new name of Bachmann Bros.

    Following many successful years manufacturing a number of different products, Bachmann entered the model trains market in the late 1960s to try and capitalise on the increase of railway modelling.

    Since 1969, the Hong Kong based Kader Company has manufactured Bachmann’s model trains. The relationship between the two companies continued to develop until 1987, when Kader acquired the Bachmann Company in its entirety. Two years later they established Bachmann Europe in England with its initial product range, known as Branchline, which consisted of models produced using the moulds of the Palitoy ‘Mainline’ range.

    Since its establishment, Bachmann Europe has aquired other companies such as Liliput, Graham Farish, and Scenecraft.

    Bachmann Branchline

    Branchline models are all OO scale. This scale is large enough to incorporate a high level of detail as well as many additional features such as directional lighting, sound effects and digital control. OO scale models run on a track with a gap of 16.5mm between the running rails. This track gauge is the most popular in the world. From steam to diesel, bring your railway layouts to life with Bachmann!

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