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  • Das Werk is a German plastic model kit manufacturer from Saxony.

    They produce high quality kits that focus on vehicles and weaponry from the First World War and the Second World War. What’s more, they supply a unique range of models that you may not find reproduced elsewhere by other manufacturers. This is mainly because the objects that they replicate in their scaled down models are rare in themselves. Such as experimental prototypes and short-lived research projects. Ultimately, this makes their kits very niche and specialist.  Tanks, trailers, armoured vehicles, canons, guns, boats…

    Their kits come in a variety of different scales.

    As standard, the kits arrive on sprues that the modeller will then need to cut out and construct themselves, using modelling glue. The kits also require painting.

    There are many great paint brands available to bring your models to life. However, Das Werk recommends the Ammo paint range by MIG. Inside the box you will find paint codes so you can realistically paint your model. Some kits even have multiple colour profiles for you to choose from. Decal sheets are often included too.