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    • Item Number: AK2210
    • Item Name: WW2 USAAF Aircraft Colours Vol.2

    This set offers the modeler two acrylic and three Xtreme Metal paints. It is essential for painting models of most of the aircraft used by the United States Army Air Force from late 1943 until the end of the Second World War and shortly after. Included are two different olive drab shades that were used for painting the anti-glare panels. Also included are three different shades of aluminium, which allow for reproducing the difference between the panels made from various metal sheets and aluminium-painted, fabric-skinned control surfaces.

    These paints are historically accurate and use top quality components to exacting standards in their special formula.

    What’s more, the colours take into account the effect of scale reduction. For example, a model aircraft reflects less light than an actual full-size aircraft. Therefore, this means the colour applied to the model must be of a lighter shade to look the same as the full-sized version. If you applied the exact same shade of paint to both the full-sized version and the model, then the model would appear darker as it reflects less light.

    AK acrylic paints are water soluble and it is possible to apply them by brush and airbrush. Ready to use straight from the bottle; simply shake, and the paint is ready to go. Dilution is not necessary when airbrushing AK paints. Additionally, AK paints are free of odours unlike aggressive solvent based paints.

    However, when painting camouflage or fine lines, add a few drops of the specially formulated thinner AK-712. Useful with all acrylic paints, AK-712 improves the performance of the paint.

    Xtreme Metal is a high-quality metallic range. Specially formulated to give you the best results and developed with outstanding pigments. There is no need to apply a primer base. It is very resistant, and it will not damage the plastic. Resistant to any kind of weathering, with ultra-high coverage power and high sheen. You can varnish without altering its glossiness.

    This Set Contains:

    • AK2201 : Dark Olive Drab 41
    • AK2204 : ANA613 Olive Drab
    • AK479 : Xtreme Metal Aluminium
    • AK480 : Xtreme Metal Dark Aluminium
    • AK488 : Xtreme Metal Matte Aluminium