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  • Black and White: Shading and Effects Set


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    • Item Number: AK10039
    • Item Name: Black and White: Shading and Effects Set

    Weathering pencils are water-based pencils with 17cm semi-grease paint specially for use in modelling. Created with a special formula, these pencils allow you to achieve effects in a very simple way.

    This set helps the modeler to shade and highlight models easily, increasing contrast and volume. The pencils can also achieve winter camouflages and dark effects.

    These pencils make life easier for the modeler. This new technique, along with other common techniques, can take your model to another level. Perfect for beginner or experimented modelers.

    The recommendation is to apply them over a matte surface to obtain the best result.

    Bring your models to life!

    This Set Contains:

    • AK10001 : Black
    • AK10002 : Rubber
    • AK10003 : Smoke
    • AK10004 : White
    • AK10005 : Dirty White