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    Faun L900 Hardtop



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    Item Number

    • DW35001

    Product Details

    • Highly detailed static plastic model
    • Hartop Version with accurate representation
    • 3 different suspension springs for different load status (Unloaded, Neutral and Full loaded)
    • Freightbed side walls buildable up or downwards
    • Contains brass tubing with bendig jig for freight bed arches

    Das Werk’s first major project in 2019 was the Faun L900 incl. Sd.Ah.115. The new kit is based on the original model kit in many respects.


    Contains seven different decal variants, four military and three civil versions.

    Civil Options:

    • Huber & Friedrich Maschinen Transporte
    • Fredericus Pilsener
    • Weihenstolz Weissbier


    Faun (today known as Tadano Faun GmbH) is a German heavy vehicle manufacturer.

    Initially, they specialised in manufacturing trucks. However, they were unable to produce trucks during the Second World War. This was due to the fact that the Second World War saw the Faun plants destroyed to a large extent.

    It was after the war, from 1953 on, that Faun built the L900 trucks. It was a triple-axle vehicle for operating on difficult and heavy construction sites. In fact, the L900 could carry up to 16 tons. The L900 models were produced until 1962.

    However, towards the end of the 1960s, Faun’s success in the production of heavy long-distance trucks decreased. This was due to the fact that they could no longer compete with the big companies and stopped making conventional trucks. Thus, today they focus on making special vehicles only produced in small quantities. Specifically, these include tractor units, heavy trucks, fire engines, airport fire engines, dump trucks, diggers, wheel loaders, vehicle-mounted cranes and crane carriers etc.