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    • Item Number: 58660
    • Scale: 1/18
    • Electric R/C Car Series no.675


    Tamiya models are renowned for their realism, and this kit is no exception.

    Cabover truck trials are very popular in Europe. You take a heavy truck with a flat front (more manoeuvrable) and drive it through ridiculous terrain: mud, hills, water, absolutely any other terrain existent – fun right?!

    Japanese “hyper designer” Takayuki Yamazaki designed the polycarbonate body of the kit.

    The boxy design features rear-hinged door motifs and has a wild look perfectly suited to the off-road.

    The model comes equipped with the 6-wheel drive G6-01TR chassis. It offers extreme performance on tough surfaces. It is based around a tough, slimline monocoque frame.

    A motor behind the front wheels provides power, before transmitting it to front, centre and rear wheels via gears. The sealed and frame-integrated gearbox protects it from dust and debris.

    Reduction gears on each axle slow drive shaft rotation to give an overall gear ratio of 37.35:1, for immense traction. Front, centre and rear differential gears boost traction and the kit also includes diff putty.

    What’s more, hub reduction units on all 6 wheels slow down drive shaft output for greater torque and immense traction.

    It also has double wishbone suspension fitted with friction dampers and black 5-spoke wheels paired with 110mm diameter V-pattern block tyres.

    Its great ground clearance gives the ability to take on tough off-road terrain and thanks to its long wheelbase it can even negotiate slopes of up to 40 degrees.

    Add decoration to the body using the included marking stickers.

    With suspension reassembly and a separately-sold transmitter with 4-Wheel-Steering function and R/C equipment, the rear wheels can be made steerable.

    This all means that the Dynahead has awesome off-road and crawling capability!

    Additional Information

    This is a remote control kit that requires assembly. The kit also requires painting, either by using the suggested paint schemes or however else you would like! Paint this kit using Polycarbonate Spray Paint (PS). This type of paint is appropriate for use with flexible shells – the paint won’t crack off.

    All the radio control kits come supplied with a motor. In addition, you will need to purchase:

    • 2-Channel Radio Control System
    • Speed Controller
    • 7.2V Battery
    • Battery Charger
    • AA batteries for transmitter


    We offer bundle purchases.


    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 428 mm
      • Width: 256 mm
      • Height: 222 mm
    • Chassis: G6-01TR
    • Wheelbase: 173 mm + 126 mm
    • Frame: Monocoque
    • Suspension: 6-Wheel Independent Double Wishbone Suspension
    • Gear Ratio: 37.35:1
    • Drive: Gear-Driven 6-Wheel-Drive
    • Differential Gear: 3-Bevel Differential
    • Steering: 2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
    • Motor: Type 540
    • Tread (Front, Centre and Rear): 209 mm
    • Tyres:
      • Width: 50 mm
      • Diameter: 110 mm