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    • Item Number: 56329
    • Scale: 1/14
    • Truck Series no.29


    This kit is a highly detailed scale replica of the MAN TGX 18.540 4×2 XLX.

    It is part of the TGX range by MAN – a range known for its outstanding fuel efficiency yet high power to carry big loads. In fact, the TGX series won the prestigious “International Truck of the Year” award in 2008!

    The 18.540 variant has a Gross Vehicle Mass of 18 tons and a 540 horsepower engine. The 4×2 refers to the fact that it has 4 wheels (across 2 axles), 2 of which are powered. Its XLX is the second largest cab that MAN offers – large enough for comfortable long-haul transport. The truck also has a 12.4 liter turbocharged inline-6 cylinder engine.


    Tamiya models are renowned for their realism, and this kit is no exception.

    The ladder frame chassis is extremely durable, with aluminium channels. The suspension employs metal leaf springs and friction dampers – just like real trucks. The chassis also features a 3-speed transmission which allows gear shifting whilst driving (via a separately sold transmitter).

    The body of the truck is a precise replica of the real thing, with an aerodynamic body and mesh on the front grille. Just like the actual vehicle, the cabin tilts forward separately from the fenders.

    Take your truck to the next level with semi-truck add-ons. Attach any one of them via the coupler on the model to create a combination over a meter in length.

    Additional Information

    This is a remote control kit that requires assembly. The kit also requires painting, either by using the suggested paint schemes or however else you would like! For this kit, Hard Plastic Spray Paint (TS) is appropriate.

    All the radio control kits come supplied with a motor. In addition, you will need to purchase:

    • Radio Control System
    • Speed Controller
    • 7.6V Battery
    • Battery Charger
    • Steering Servo
    • Gear Box Servo
    • Eight AA batteries for transmitter


    We offer bundle purchases.

    Tamiya Multi-Function Control Units

    This model is compatible with Tamiya Multi-Function Control Units, which can be safely stored out of sight in the catalytic converter box.

    Tamiya Multi-Function Control Units are available separately. They offer light, sound, and vibration operation to accompany your R/C truck experience. Digitally recorded engine sounds from an actual truck, together with air horn, gear shifting, and many other realistic sounds. This gives you the feeling that you are driving the real thing! Headlights, brake lights, fog lamp, hazard lights and turn signal operations are also at your fingertips.


    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 458 mm
      • Width: 193 mm
      • Height: 298 mm
    • Weight (without optional parts): 3.4 kg
    • Wheelbase: 272 mm
    • Tread:
      • Front: 156  mm
      • Rear Double Tyre: 138 mm
    • Chassis: Aluminium and Polycarbonate Resin Ladder Frame
    • Suspension: Front / Rear Leaf Springs
    • Caster Angle (Front / Rear): 0° / 0°
    • Camber Angle (Front / Rear): 0°
    • Toe Angle (Front and Rear):  0°
    • Dampers (Front and Rear): Aluminium Friction Dampers
    • Drivetrain: Rear Axle Drive
    • Transmission: 3-gear transmission (gear shifting operated via transmitter)
    • Gear Ratio:
      • 1st Gear: 32.49:1
      • 2nd Gear: 17.76:1
      • 3rd Gear: 10.66:1
    • Differential Gear: 3-bevel differential
    • Motor: Type RS540
    • Tyres:
      • Width (Front and Rear): 22 mm
      • Diameter (Front and Rear): 83 mm