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    Focke-Wulf Fw190 A-8


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    • COBI-5535

    Product Information

    • Length: 26 cm
    • Wingspan: 33.5 cm
    • Height: 12 cm
    • Number of Blocks: 285
    • 1 figure – German Luftwaffe pilot
    • Block stand with printed name of the plane
    • Bodywork with pad printing
    • A sheet of stickers
    • Easy-to-follow instruction manual
    • Compatible with other brands of construction blocks


    When Nazi Germany launched its first World War II offensives in western Europe, the German Luftwaffe Air Force wanted to equip itself with a multi-role aircraft. They wanted an aircraft with characteristics equal to or even better than the Messerschmidt Bf. Thus, they began the study of a new hunter during the spring of 1938.

    They manufactured the fourth and final prototype a year later, in the spring of 1939. It was a great success with the German military specialists, and was named the Focke Wulf Fw 190. An initial problem that it faced was that the temperature was too high in the cockpit. After quickly solving this issue, the Fw 190 became one of the best fighters-hunters of the Second World War.

    The Focke Wulf Fw 190 also excelled itself when used as a fighter-bomber. It initially served on the eastern front, fighting against the Soviet forces. It also served in Europe – including fighting in the Battle of Normandy from 1943. Here, the Focke Wulf struggled due to the excess number of opposing aircraft.

    The Focke Wulf 190 A-8 was a one-seated single-engine German fighter plane widely used during World War II. The production on the A-8 version was numerous and began in February 1944. A BMW 801 D-2 or 801Q engine powered the fighter. Different versions of Fw-109A-8 served also as experimental planes, i.e., to test tanks located on the top of the wings.