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  • Tamiya is a Japanese plastic model manufacturer, founded all the way back in 1948. Initially, they created educational wooden models. However, they soon realised that plastic models were the future and started to produce a wide variety of plastic kits.

    Their motto is “First in Quality Around the World” and many modellers will attest to this. Their models have a reputation for high quality and high attention to detail.

    They have a wide variety of products available…

    Plastic Model Kits

    Tamiya offers a massive range of plastic model kits in a variety of different scales.

    For example, they produce military kits with a huge selection from the First World War, the Second World War and from the modern day. From tanks and aircraft, to soldiers and weapons, even scenery such as sandbags and jerry cans – the list goes on!

    You will also find more contemporary themed kits such as ships, motorbikes, race cars, classic cars, trucks etc.

    The kits come on sprues which need to be cut out and then assembled with modelling glue. Once the construction of the kits is complete, they require painting.

    They come supplied with suggested paint colour codes from the Tamiya range of paints. Some kits also include decals.

    Radio Control

    Tamiya also offer a great range of Radio Control vehicle kits. In particular, cars, trucks, buggies and tanks. Feel the satisfaction of building with quality components before seeing your performance-driven machine come to life on the ‘road’.

    The kits come with detailed instructions to assist you in the assembly.

    The kits also requires painting, either by using the suggested paint schemes or however else you would like! Most of the kits require Polycarbonate Spray Paint (PS) which is appropriate for use with flexible shells – the paint won’t crack off. For non-flexible shells, Hard Plastic Spray Paint (TS) is appropriate. Many kits also come supplied with decals.

    All the radio control kits come supplied with a motor and usually a speed controller. In addition, you will need to purchase:

    • Radio Control System
    • Steering Servo
    • Battery
    • Charger
    • Speed Controller (occasionally)

    If you come into our store, we offer bundle purchases.

    You can also choose to upgrade many components on your vehicle. Such as the bearings, motors, batteries etc. Also available for some of the vehicles are sound, light and vibrating kits – this is especially true for the popular truck sets. The trucks even have real working gear boxes and the additional option of accompanying trailers.


    Tamiya offer a wide range of paints – both for Plastic Model kits and Radio Control kits.

    Their Acrylic range includes paint pots as well as spray. Acrylic is a water-based paint (unlike enamel) and thus is easier to work with. The paint pot codes begin with the letter ‘X’ for the Gloss range and ‘XF’ for the Flat/Matt range. The shape of the pots makes it easy to dip your paint brush into.

    It is good practice to first prime most models before painting, which will assist subsequent paint coats to stick to the model (Tamiya primer comes in spray form).

    If you apply the paint using an air brush, you will need to mix the acrylic paints with a thinner. Due to the chemical composition of Tamiya paints, it is advised to specifically use Tamiya branded Thinner.

    Different varieties of Tamiya spray paint are also available. Use Polycarbonate Spray Paint (PS) for flexible items or Hard Plastic Spray Paint (TS) for rigid items. There is also the Aircraft Colours (AS) range where you will find colours specifically found in the aviation world.

    Tamiya also offers a range of Lacquer Paints (LP) – both Gloss and Flat/Matt. Lacquer paint gives a good finish although is harder to work with than Acrylic paint.

    Tools and Modelling Materials

    Tamiya also produce other tools and modelling materials. This includes paintbrushes, weathering paints and tools, material sheets, texture paints, cements (glue), paint mixing jars, tweezers, scissors, masking tape, abrasives etc.